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Found your new home during the viewing and are you ready to apply?

Below is our tenant application.
Make sure you have the following documents ready:

– Passport (please black out your photo and in Dutch passports your BSN)
– Employer contract(s)(signed);
– 3 most recent payslips; (if available)
– Copy of bank card;
– Proof of payment salary (bank statement).

After we have received your full offer, we will do the necessary checks and will advise the owner.

This process might take some days.

Please be aware that Dutch law states that, if a proposal is sent by the tenant and the conditions are accepted by the landlord, there is a legal binding agreement. Accepted leases can therefore not be withdrawn without consequences.

Article 6:217 section 1 and further of the Dutch civil code indicates that an agreement is concluded by an offer and an acceptance of that offer.

By submitting this offer, you agree that the real estate professional will share your personal data, so that a (credit) check can be carried out.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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Employment information

Current home information

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!! Please black out your photo and in Dutch passports your BSN number!!
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Upload your 3 most recent payslips here. If you just started the employment agreement, we understand that you don't have all 3 payments slips.
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This should be the same account where you receive your salary.
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The candidate acknowledges that once this offer form has been sent to Urban Homies, the candidate is officially negotiating with the landlord of the aforementioned rental property. Once the proposal has been accepted, the candidate is obliged to rent the aforementioned rental property.


The landlord has 3 working days to accept the proposal or submit a counter-proposal. In both cases it means that you are negotiating. Only after you have notified Urban Homies that you do not accept the property owner's counter-proposal, the negotiations are over.


The information and documentation provided will be checked and verified with the companies and organizations mentioned. After this procedure, you will be notified of acceptance of the application.


By signing this application, the candidate acknowledges that he has completed this document correctly and truthfully and also gives permission for a full check of the personal data and documentation.


The undersigned declares that he/she has been informed by Urban Homies that in case of acceptance there will be a rental agreement between him/her and the landlord. Under Dutch law, he/she is bound by the terms of the future rental agreement.


Urban Homies represents the interests of the landlord and is therefore, in this case and in accordance with Dutch law, prohibited from serving the interests of the tenant.