Your smooth transition to the Netherlands – in five steps


Your personal profile,
our first priority

It all starts with you. Regardless of your position in the real estate market we strive to understand each of our clients’ specific wants, needs and realities. This process begins with onboarding, where we listen, ask the right questions, and manage expectations.

What we offer
  • One-on-one personal (video) intake
  • Needs-analysis profile
  • Neighbourhood orientation
  • Strategy development
Housing Journey

We will find you the most suitable home

Living in a fast-paced global market, our clients need a trusted partner who will be able to deliver an uncompromised product & service. We represent and, have access to many of the most spectacular properties within Amsterdam and its surrounding areas.

What we offer
  • Temporary accommodation for corporate clients
  • House-hunting
  • Visitation planning
  • Guided property tour (pick up-drop-off)
Legal Matters

We assist you with all legal matters

Your personal agent will walk you through the rental agreement with the utmost care to ensure that all your requirements are correctly formulated. Complicated legal documents are explained to you, that you understand what you sign, and that you will not be faced with surprises.

What we offer
  • Conduct negotiations on your behalf
  • Negotiate & assess lease agreement
  • Check and control the financial calculations
Moving In

A smooth transition, guaranteed

Once the choice has been made for a property, it is up to you to determine which services you need. From airport pick up to welcome package, or rather just limited to housing services. We deliver a tailor-made relocation and housing package, designed to meet your requirements.

What we offer
  • Coordinate moving
  • School finding
  • Setting-up utilities
  • Qualitative property inspection
  • Household & family support
After Care

We’ll stay connected

During your stay Urban Homies will continue to be there for you. We will evaluate how your stay is going and improve it where possible. In time, you may want to purchase your own house. We can guide you in this process, and if you leave the Netherlands, we can help create a profitable return on investment by renting-out or selling the property.

What we offer
  • Property management
  • Cancellation of utility contracts
  • Coordinate cleaning and repairs
  • Managing dilapidation claims
  • Assisting with your next move in the Netherlands