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Expat Housing

We offer a full suite of housing services to accommodate your personal situation. Whatever your preferences are, we’ll go to great lengths to find you the perfect home.

Renting Out

Leave your home in safe hands with Urban Homies. We’ll promote your home, find reliable tenants and offer a range of additional services for landlords.

Purchase Services

We help you with mortgage preparation, purchase price, net equity at closing, ease of transaction, level of satisfaction, after-sale service, and countless other benefits.


We develop a detailed marketing strategy, valuation analyses and conduct thorough due diligence to uncover market conditions that may impact the sale.

Expat Relocation

We do much more than just finding you a new home. We offer a stress-free transition to the Netherlands with our complete suite of relocation services.

Immigration Services

Whether HR is coordinating your relocation or you’re organizing it on your own, Urban Homies makes sure you’ll never feel alone on the journey.

Destination Services

Whether we’re coordinating your airport pick up, helping to connect your utilities, or providing a check-in grocery package, we’re here to ensure your perfect landing.

Tax Services

We’ve partnered up with the best civil-law notaries, lawyers, and mortgage advisers in the industry to offer you tailor-made tax advice.