destination services

We can arrange everything,
before and after the key transfer


A warm welcome in town

First impressions matter. We help you become acquainted to the city and your new surroundings, to help you to hit the ground running. With us, you are not on your own and we help you to navigate every facet of your new surroundings comfortably. We understand that this takes time, and there are many language and cultural barriers. It is our business to ensure you feel welcome and that you settle-in comfortably. We are here to welcome you and to make you feel welcome!

  • Taxi Service
  • Temporary living coordination
  • Rental assistance
  • School/educational services
  • Partner and family transition support
Concierge services

Settle-in as fast as you can

The Dutch housing market is crowded, expensive and can be frustrating to navigate, especially if you’re still adjusting to your new life. Having a local resource to aid in this process is key. Let Urban Homies ensure your start in the Netherlands is perfect.

  • Temporary living coordination
  • Housekeeping services
  • Furniture rental
Beyond settling-in

To complete your life in the Netherlands

After settling-in your partner might want to find a job in the Netherlands or you would like to find the best school or day-care possible for your children. We assist in matters even after you have landed into your new home.

  • School and After-school assistances
  • Job placements partners
  • Assistance in obtaining BSN number
  • Transfer driver’s license (non-EU residents)

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