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There are many houses on the market but you will only choose one, so let us ensure that you choose the right one.

We understand that finding a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time whether it’s your dream home or an investment property the ability to pay attention to the details is what counts and makes all the difference.

Having the right agent benefits you with mortgage preparation, purchase price, net equity at closing, ease of transaction, level of satisfaction, after-sale service, and countless other benefits. A solid professional network is within reach when you purchase with Urban Homies. Let us put our experience to work for you.

The purchase process step-by-step

We take you by the hand to make sure you’ll have a great experience.

The buying services offered by Urban Homies are slightly different from those of our fellow real estate agents; we go the extra mile. Hereunder, we have laid out all the steps of the purchase process in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • We’ll start the process with a video intake at a time that works for you to get to know you and assess your needs and situation.
  • We’ll teach you the best ways to search for properties.
  • We immediately schedule an inspection to view the property together once you have seen a property that appeals to you. We will have a look at the physical condition of the property, the fixtures and fittings, the location, and the surroundings. This is also the time to meet your agent personally.
  • Are you ready to proceed? Then we dive into all the documentation and go through the entire file. We write a summary in English of all the key points.
  • In a second video call, we review the property together. We’ll discuss your impressions of the property if you have any questions or concerns and if there are any other properties you may have seen in the meantime for comparison purposes.
  • Are you ready to buy the home? We’ll make sure your financial situation is in line with your mortgage advisor. We’ll prepare a personalized offer and review it with you before we send it.
  • When you are the lucky buyer of the home, we take care of all communication between the sales broker, notary, appraiser, and structural inspector. We pre-schedule everything.
  • We make sure the purchase agreement is approved before you sit down with the seller at the notary, and there, of course, we represent your interests.
  • If a postponement has to be requested, a reappraisal has to be done, or if there are other unexpected situations, we will take care of everything in a jiffy so you don’t have to experience any stress.
  • We thoroughly inspect the property again during the pre-delivery inspection and assist you at the notary during delivery.

Furthermore, we have an extensive network of contractors, painters, technical people, insulation experts, and architects that you can simply use.

Buying together is great! It is a virtually hassle-free process because we know all the ways, and we take you by the hand until you have bought the perfect home.

Rent out or sell your home after that? You’re in good hands with Urban Homies.

What our clients say about us

Our agent has been very proactive and responsive from the beginning to the end of the process. She always answered all our questions in great detail or redirected us to the relevant people. Thanks to her advice, we managed to win our very first bid and land a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam. We are very grateful and we would definitely recommend Urban Homies!

Marcello & Markéta

Yael and her team in Urban Homies are amazing! I had worked before with Yael for the apartment I was renting, so I didn't hesitate to contact her when I decided to buy. She was incredibly efficient, great estimation of the value for the offer, great communication updating me with the progress, she has also has contacts for everything. I was lucky that I found the apartment while searching on Funda, but from then on the whole process was super easy thanks to her. I highly recommend her! Amazing, really!

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