How do we rent out
your property?


Spotlight on your property

We study all available current and past data for comparable houses to determine the best price for your property. We arrange for photos, measurements and direct marketing to access larger pool of renters. Also, thanks to our in-house corporate relocation division we have a direct connection with expats looking to relocate to the Netherlands.

Reliable tenants
reliable tenants

We will find you the best match

You can count on Urban Homies to follow the process from the beginning to the end. From marketing your property to scheduling viewings, background checks of potential tenants, to drafting the lease. Urban Homies ensure your tenant will be the right tenant.

Urban Homies is proud to carry the Safe Rental Quality Mark (Keurmerk Verhuur Veilig)!

Additional support

Support every aspect of the rental process

Whether it’s updating your WOZ-value with the Dutch Tax Authority, informing your Mortgage company, or providing property management services… Urban Homies has you covered.

Our rent out approach

What are your wishes and concerns?

The rental process must be done with expertise and personal attention. It starts with a visit from one of our rental agents so we can hear your wishes and any concerns you may have. During this visit we will provide you with a solid indication of the value of the home. We will also advise (and facilitate) on matters such as styling, any redecorating you may need to have done, the inventory you have available, the energy label, and insurance.

What we offer
  • Personal visit
  • Advice regarding contracts, energy label and point system
  • House intake

First impressions count

The presentation of your property is critical to a successful result. In order to have the most suitable visuals to market your house, we plan and supervise a photo-shoot together with our professional photographer. A tailor-made advertisement will be drawn-up and the property will be put on the market. You will benefit from our unrivalled comprehensive marketing package, including exposure on our website, direct mailings to other brokers in Amsterdam and corporates, and promotion on property websites such as Funda & Pararius.

What we offer
  • Photography
  • Write and create add
  • Post to media partners like Funda and Pararius
  • Social media and weekly newsletter to real estate agents
  • Viewings

Getting the perfect match

As soon as a potential tenant makes an offer we will contact you to communicate full details and any special terms & conditions to help you decide whether or not to accept. The accompanied viewings can then be planned and carried out. Tenants are screened on the basis of our comprehensive background check, so we can ensure we have sound and reliable information on them. The negotiations are always carried out in consultation with you.

What we offer
  • Check proposals
  • Screen tenants
  • Discuss and share proposals

Delivery and inspection

Once the lease agreement has been approved, signed and payment has been made, we will schedule the property inspection and delivery. During the inspection and security inspection, a fully digitized report will be made, including supporting visuals (50-100 photos). This ensures that all parties are aware of the condition of the property. This way any damages can be settled/recovered quickly after the end of a rental period.

What we offer
  • Check-in / Inspection report
  • Check-out / Inspection report

Here’s what landlords say about us:

Urban Homies heeft ons heel erg goed bijgestaan in het vinden van een huurder. Het gehele proces was alles heel duidelijk en kreeg ik antwoord op alle vragen die ik had. Ik kan hen van harte aanbevelen.

Chantal Barbier

Uitermate professioneel, correct en vriendelijk en snel. Goed in de omgang en communicatie en behulpzaam.

Josette Donnisetti

Het was mijn eerste ervaring met Urban Homies: Prettig en persoonlijk, snelle reacties en deskundig.

Pieter Roozenboom

Denken goed mee. Goed persoonlijk contact. Proactieve instelling. Snelle afhandeling. Reele inschatting van de markt.

Lucette Bruinsma

Frequently asked questions

How much can I ask for my property?

We are happy to visit you to determine the rental price. To give advice, we look at a number of factors, such as the condition of the home, amenities, location and competitive rental offer in your area. Based on these findings, we will give you well-founded advice. Placing a rental home on the market too expensive can lead to unnecessary long-term vacancy. You are always free to determine the amount of the rent yourself.

How much does it cost to get advice for my property?

We visit you with no obligation and free of charge to explain our working method and to view your home, and subsequently issue tailor-made advice.

I don’t know anything about rental contracts, which one is best for my situation?

From the Landlords Association of Amsterdam 4 model leases are offered, which can be used in different situations. The models each have advantages and disadvantages. Of course we will discuss this in detail and advise you on the right contract for your situation.

How does it work with utilities and internet?

We always recommend that the tenants arrange their own contracts with the various suppliers. In the event of non-payment, you will then never be held liable and there is no need for subsequent calculation. We help the tenants with this.

Who takes care of the maintenance?

The maintenance of the rental home is divided between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord takes care of the major maintenance. The tenant takes care of the small and daily maintenance. The Dutch government has written a decree with all the rules. Download this document for a clear overview.

More questions? Visit our FAQ page

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