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Part of healthy and strategically good integration of you as an individual or your employees are related to tax issues. You need to have an engaged sparring partner. At Urban Homies we’ve partnered up with the best civil-law notaries, lawyers, and mortgage advisers in the industry. Reliability, speed, and the ability to relinquish full responsibility of tax obligations is key in the new place of residence and work. Urban Homies supports individuals but also international companies. Our partners always offer a tailor-made approach.

What we offer
  • 30% tax ruling application
  • Basic rate income tax return resident
  • Basic rate income return migration
  • Basic rate income return Non-Resident
  • Other services on request.

Clean and accurate

We work with short lines, strong communication and are always clear and realistic about your and our expectations.


Your first relocation or world traveller? With our personal guidance we go to the limit and beyond.

Well prepared

We do all the research, In collaboration with our clients we ensure that we are always 100% ready for your relocation.


With our network we can always meet our customers’ needs and we determine which professionals best meet your needs.

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Our core principles

Urban Homies approaches each tax question as a promising opportunity to help a home owner begin on a new chapter.

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